Access to your "Please hold" and "Pre-screen announcements"

Access to your "Please hold" and "Pre-screen announcements"

AnswerFirst's system does give you the ability to change the announcements that your callers here when they call in.  This would eliminate the need for you to ask us to re-record a message in the times of emergencies or even when you are going to a meeting and you want the system to say something else besides your normal announcement.  Also, a big plus to you having access to these is that you can record them with your voice.

The two different types of announcement that can be changed are:

"Please Hold Announcement": If your account is setup with this type of announcement you would be able to tell because the call rings for a certain number of rings and then the recording starts to play this recording.  Also if our CSP becomes available while this is playing the recording is cut short."Pre-screen Announcement": This type of greeting will start to play without your callers hearing a ring on AnswerFirst's system.   This will also play all the way through before presenting the call to a CSP.

The "Pre-Screen Announcement" recording will override a "Please Hold Annoncement" meaning if you have both types of recordings on your account the "Pre-Screen Announcement" will always play to your callers.   This also means if you are using the "Please Hold Announcement" you can, for example during hurricane Irma, place a temporary "Pre-Screen Announcement" on your account and delete it when the hurricane passed and you wanted your recording to return to normal.  This preserves the original "Please Hold Announcement" on your account.


To access the voicemail system to change these greetings:

Dial the voicemail system at 813-280-1906.Dial your account numberDial the passcode on your account. If you do not know your passcode please reach out to customer service and they can provide it for you. Once you are in the voicemail system press 8 to enter the User Options MenuTo change the "Please Hold Announcement", press 2. To change the "Pre-Screen Announcement", press 4. To change the passcode, press 7.

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