How do I forward my phone lines? Can you forward my phone lines for me?

There are several options that phone carriers provide for you to forward your calls to AnswerFirst.  

The most common is the manual call forwarding feature. Manual call forwarding requires you to select the line you want to forward and dial an access code followed by the number to which you wish to forward.  

Some phone companies offer Busy No Answer. Busy No Answer forwarding allows your line to ring to us if it is tied up or if it is not answered by a predetermined number of rings.  

Remote call forwarding allows you to forward your calls from anywhere.

Many phone service providers also have a dashboard that you may be able to access to activate, deactivate, or schedule the aforementioned options online.

Some clients use their advanced phone systems to forward their calls. Some phone systems have degradation in call quality when this format of call forwarding is used so it is a good idea to test this option before implementing.

AnswerFirst employees are not able to control your phone forwarding and do not have access to your phone providers/carriers account.

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