Solving Problems with Email Delivery - White-listing

Most clients have no problems at all receiving our email, but due to many different kinds of mail servers, antivirus and anti-SPAM engines/subscriptions, and other variables, it’s possible that our mail may not be successfully delivered to some mail servers.

Here are some general guidelines and items to white-list or enter as “safe” so that you don't miss important emails from us.


We typically only send dispatch email (Call Center Messages) from the following A record (contains several IP addresses):

While this A record contains several IP addresses, there are only two addresses that we send dispatch messages from:


Additionally, Call Center messages are always sent from the following sender:

Our SPF record is current, and accurate, so if you restrict email to only allow Successful SPF (recommended), our mailers should pass those checks.

However, since we relay our dispatch email to remote SMTP delivery services, the use of “Grey-listing” (not accepting the initial email, in order to have the sending server retry later, and accepting the retried email), will result in lost email, since our servers do not have the ability to retry email that is grey-listed.

Our corporate email is sent through Google, which means it can come from any of the servers listed in Google's SPF record:

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