Considerations For Using Account Password Protection

To secure against any non-authorized requests, a password can be added to any client account.  This means ALL change requests, ALL requests for account information, ALL requests for message retrieval, etc. require the password be verified before any action will be taken by AnswerFirst employees.  Password protection is optional and does not impact the interactions between AnswerFirst and a client's callers.  
A request to password protect and account can be made by creating a ticket at
Things to consider when password protecting an account:
  • An account holder's Employee's will be required to verify the password any time they call in, chat in, email in or open a support ticket at AnswerFirst.  This includes, but is not limited to an employee contacting AnswerFirst to:
    • Retrieve a message
    • Request a message be resent
    • Verify the contents of a message
    • Request contact information be edited, added or deleted.
    • Request changes to a script or on call rotation
    • Request information regarding invoices or payments
    • Etc.

For these reasons, if an account chooses password protection all employees who will be contacting AnswerFirst will need to know the account password.   

  • Ways a client's employees can interact with AnswerFirst without needing to verify the account's password.
    • If the employee answers the phone when AnswerFirst dials a previously approved employee phone number to deliver a message.
    • If the employee receives the message via Text or Email and replies to the message using the proper "reply code"
    • Utilizing the MiSecure Messenger App.
    • Logging into CWA (Client Web Access) and performing tasks, reviewing messages, marking messages as delivered, etc.

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