Understanding Your Invoice

Line items on your bill or invoice could include:

Base Rate - this is charged every billing cycle. Your first invoice will probably show a prorated charge of the base rate due to your services starting in the middle of a billing cycle.Acct. Customization Fee - billed one time and is not recurring. These charges are for the initial customization of your new AnswerFirst account.Live Time Used (or Live Time Used-Disc) - billed every billing cycle at your per minute rate if your account used live operator time. Live Services Billed Per Second:  Talk, Message Processing, Delivering & Researching and Account UpdatingAdvanced Services Billed At 6 seconds of Live Time Per Event:  These charges cover advanced automations and 3rd party software connections. For example: API & Database Calls, Inbound SMS, WCTP, TAP, Email & Web Script Submissions Virtual Time - billed when applicable at your per minute rate. Virtual Time includes patching calls, front-end voice mail greetings and voice mail services. Toll Free Charges - if we have provided you a toll free forwarding number, this will be billed every billing cycle. If you do not have a toll free number, you will never be billed for this.MiSecure Messaging - billed every billing cycle if you are utilizing MiSecure.Paper Invoice Fee - if your invoices are mailed to you, this will be billed every billing cycle.Balance Due - the total amount due at the time you were invoiced.


There are no surprises. You will not find any hidden fees on your invoice. The main item will be Live Services.  

Virtual Services applies to call patching, voice mail, and front-end voice greeting. Also, toll-free numbers are billed at an additional per minute rate.

Account Customization is a one time fee based on the complexity of the account. 

You can review your call volume and listen to your call recordings for quality control via our secure online customer portal (Client Web Access) at your convenience 24/7/365.


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