Understanding Your Charges

Line items on your bill or invoice could include:

Base RateLive ServicesVirtual Services (if any)MiSecure (if any)Toll Free (if any)Paper invoice (if any)Total


There are no surprises. You will not find any hidden fees on your invoice. The main item will be Live Services.  Emails, texts, and faxes are also billed through Live Services, which can be optionally added to your account.

Virtual Services applies to call patching, voice mail, and front-end voice greeting. Also, toll-free numbers are billed at an additional per minute rate.

Account Customization is a one time fee based on the complexity of the account. 

You can review your call volume and listen to your call recordings for quality control via our secure online customer portal (Client Web Access) at your convenience 24/7/365.


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